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a Comedy Short

>> A young woman bites off more than she can chew to satisfy her dating habit <<

Steph is a predatory dater. She always insists on paying. When a large bill arrives, she’s nowhere to be seen, for Steph is a serial dine-and-dasher. Wearing elaborate guises, she believes she can slip away from the table and not suffer the consequences.

But everyone has to pay the bill in the end.

Appetite Trailer

Appetite Trailer

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Watch the film here: klipist  &  paus

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>> CREW <<

Directors: Xuemeng Li & Katrin Larissa Kasper

Writer: Sam Oates

Production Manager & Assistant: Vanessa Bundschu & Sheridan Morley

First ADs: Noémie Nakai & Molly Wilsher

Director of Photography: Simona Pranulyte

Camera Assistant & Colourist: Connor Adam

Gaffers: Jackson Forsythe Max Hodgkinson

Sound Recordists: Lee Viesnik & Tom Whitaker

Make Up Designer & Hair Stylist: Saule Ramancauskaite

Editor: Laura Spini

Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer: Michalianna Theofanopoulou

Trailer Editor: Isabell Chavez Vega

Poster: Ivan Weiss

Music: 'Coconut Shoes' by Tussi3000

>> CAST <<

Katrin Larissa Kasper – Steph (Serial Dine-and-Dasher)

Alexander Tol - Alex (Flambe Duck)

Sam Patrick - Tom (Husband)

Chris Rogers - Chris (American Guy)

Rupert Fawcett - Rupert (Professional Walker)

Philip Andrew - Philip (Gas)

Kwame Asiedu - Kwame (BTB)

Jay Oliver Yip - Jay (Cyber Security)

Emma Selwood - Emma (Dog Groomer)

Jess Bastick-Vines - Ruby (Waitress)

Steff Golding - Angie (Waitress)

Kara-Dee Rai - Bryony (Yoga Friend)

Molly Merwin - Mrs Monroe-Sparkle (Yoga Teacher)

a political drama

>> Under pressure from the media, a far-right politician finds himself pushed into a corner. How far is he willing to go to win the election? <<

A young far-right politician sees his re-election campaign faltering under mainstream media scrutiny. When a foreign agent offers help, things get out of hand as he finds himself caught in a puzzle-box of political blackmail.


Inspired by the true events of the Ibiza-scandal that rocked Austria's government.

Watch the film here: klipist 

Watch the trailer below.